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Route & Number: Blue 7

Date / Time: Saturday 2nd July 3.30pm

Location:  16 Church Rd


African Passport is a Leeds based african style drumming group that has easy access to Yorkshire, the Midlands and North of England.

We help audiences access the wide variety of rhythmically based music styles from particularly the West African area, featuring not just drums but also a variety of other percussion and musical instruments from the area — some very musical and others basically noisy, but all are a load of fun to play and listen to!

We provide a variety of performance styles from ‘doing our set’ to a fully interactive audience participation structure, suitable for Schools, Parties and Community Festivals.

Music is fun to listen to and is brought to life by getting a deeper understanding of how it is made up. We do this by helping the audience to join in and experience what it feels like to be part of the greater sound we call music. Fun and informative for all ages.

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