Wharfe Brass and Stepping Stones

Route & Number: Red 15

Date / Time: Saturday 2nd July 4pm

Location:  St James Woodside, Low Lane


Wharfe Brass and Stepping Stones are part of the trio of bands that make up the Otley Brass Association.  Wharfe Brass was set up in response to the popularity of Otley Brass band, which had no space for new players – a thriving, sociable local band without a stage big enough to contain us all!  Wharfe Brass allows school age players and improvers or those returning to music in later years to build on their skills.  Stepping Stones was the more recent development, and encourages those in the first couple of years to join a band and have fun playing popular tunes arranged at a simple level, to suit their ability.

The trio of bands have players overlapping between the bands, some play with one, some with two of them, and a couple play in all three to encourage the newer players and ensure strong cohesion in the Association.

We have several families where the parents play in one band, and their children (or grandchildren!) play in another part of the Association.  Sometimes everyone overlaps.  It is great fun! For more information please contact Anne Ridgway on 07976672131.


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