John Linwood Grant

Route & Number: Yellow 2

Date / Time:  Sunday 3rd July

Location:  Horsforth Library

Event: Supernatural Fiction Author Workshop

John Linwood Grant is an old, mythical being invented to worry people on winter nights. He was raised to the sound of the wild gulls on the East Yorkshire cliffs, but has lived in Horsforth for many years, attended by his pack of lurchers and a beard. He knows the true origin of the ghoul, the nature of subtle horror, and how to bake a really good loaf of bread. He may also have a family hiding somewhere in the house.

Published stories range from quiet supernatural tales set in Victorian times to modern explorations of how to face the darkness inside us all. His Tales of the Last Edwardian series ranges from early psychiatry and its mysteries to seances and espionage in the last days of Empire. His short novel A Study in Grey came out earlier this year, and includes both the Last Edwardian and Sherlock Holmes in an adventure of national importance set just before the First World War. He is currently working on that series, and on a new cycle of African Weird tales.

John will be at Horsforth Library to talk about his work, read extracts from recent stories and generally complain about how mad his dogs are.

He maintains a very popular website greydogtales, a compendium of wonders, which offers weird fiction, weird art and even weirder lurchers three or four times every week, including author interviews and original articles. You can explore his obsessions at

John Linwood Grant

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