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Seth Gardner – Goldsmith

Three years after completing his degree in Jewellery Design at Sheffield Seth Gardner applied for a position working for a master Goldsmith in Italy. He trained and worked over there on the shores of Lake Garda for 5 years which proved to be a huge learning curve. To many in the jewellery trade Italy sets high standards in design, creativity and craftsmanship and he had a lot to learn. At the end of his 5 years he was one of a very few Jewellery Designers who are also trained Goldsmiths. It is that background and training that makes him and his work so different.

He returned to Yorkshire in 2003 and founded SG7 Jewellery which has a workshop and a meeting room on the first floor of the family run art gallery Art of Gold on New Road Side.

Through SG7 Jewellery he is creating a brand that offers an alternative to all the machine made, mass produced jewellery that he sees everywhere on the high street. He is passionate about crafting each piece of jewellery by hand, passionate about creating a piece that is unique for each of his customers and passionate about quality and design. During his 14 years in his workshop in Horsforth he has worked to commissions for clients from France, Gibraltar, Italy, Holland, Australia  and all across the UK. Each one of those bespoke pieces is unique, timeless and beautifully crafted from the finest metals and gemstones that each budget allows.

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