Krystyna Spink

I have always loved to paint from a very young age. The dream for me was to have an artistic route when I grew up, but that never happened for me. I got married very young and started my family straight away. My children are all grown up apart from one, now is my time to follow the dream. It is very hard work trying to find where I fit in, but having a chance to speak to people about my art and what they like or don’t like about it is precious. This then helps me to plan which way to go when I paint. Colour makes me feel happy, I recommend painting to everyone.

I am self-taught and learning all the time. My art comes from my imagination, dreams and childhood memories playing in forests. With paint anything is possible. Colour speaks to all ages. This year my theme will be clocks. Our world revolves around time. Which one will be your favourite?


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