Ben Whittington

I’m a graphic designer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I produce work for a variety of clients but I also love to create original work in the form of hand pulled screen prints.

Screen Printing gives me an outlet for my own creations, pieces of illustration or design that are inspired by different aspects of my life; my home town, places I’ve visited, wildlife, music or, more recently, pieces designed for or inspired by my son (2 year old) and daughter (6 years old).

Being from a design background the approach to the aesthetic of my prints can vary and I’ll incorporate different styles or techniques to suit the needs of the underlying idea.

I enjoy creating prints in this medium as time spent in the print studio gives me the opportunity to spend time by myself away from the noise of an increasingly digital existence. It’s also nice seeing the finished work being brought to life through this organic process. My work always starts with an idea and a sketch but I will often use digital tools to refine my illustrations. The screen printing process reintroduces a handmade element that brings with it unique qualities that make each print its own.



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