Jemma Bowers Jewellery

“I’m an artist who has grown into a designer maker; one who, through clever manipulation, utilizes materials to their absolute potential. Specialising in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins, I have learnt many skills, my most prominent being the forging of copper. Creating sculptural forms that have subtle human and animalistic characteristics which sit both on and off the body.

Working with the metal and responding to the way in which it reacts is valuable to my work. How my body feels, alongside the emotions felt whilst forging are aspects that sit within the forms – something often interpreted as a conversation.

The forms I create are therefore always unique, no two are similar. They do however all ‘grow’ from one and other; a family. The sculptural forms appear to have life like qualities, they’re enchanting as well as striking.”

I: jemma_bowers