Polly Shepherd

I am a 55 year old long-time married mother of four: born in London, I’ve been living in Leeds for over thirty years, and recently moved to Horsforth. My work has been fitful over the years, but the kids have flown the nest, and it’s time get working.

The potential of the new motivates me, sticking with it is hard. A deadline is always useful…

My process? See what happens (planning isn’t a strong point for me). I’m often surprised by what emerges and realise that things have been churning away in the dark recesses before I ever approach the Blank Sheet of Paper! I am inspired by pattern, colour, reflections in puddles, music, gold, old,old Gothic religious art, illustration, texture, fabric, faith, words, other artists. It is important that the things I make mean something, have a message.

I have been on a long journey of discovery over the years: a slow one it often seems but with hindsight a steady one,  moving from fear to freedom; from containment to release; from the weight of the expectations of others towards the ability to experiment and express what is within. I am trying to see the journey as the thing, rather than the finish line, and to see the glorious beauty of the everyday.

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