Handmade in Horsforth

Creativities is a local, community based service on Horsforth Town street, that provides a variety of innovative sessions that are fun, sociable and educational. Our service supports adults with a range of learning and mental health needs to create artworks in a variety of medium, including photography, textiles, woodwork, print and ceramics! We also have creative cooking sessions and gardening that supports the local Horsforth in Bloom programme.


Within sessions, service users learn valuable artistic skills as well as developing their independence, social skills and self-confidence. Each person works on their own projects orientated towards their personal interests and once each product is complete, they either take them home or sell it in our Handmade in Horsforth shop. The local community is a great supporter of our work, either through donations of materials or by buying our handmade wares! Kirkstall Abby is a favourite spot for our photography group and the cooking squad are well known at our local Morrisons!


“The people are very helpful! I am learning skills, such as tidying up, that make me more independent in my own flat.” –Tina

 “Creativities gets me out of my flat and I have made lots of great friends. I don’t feel as isolated. ” – Maggie

“I have taken some of the recipes I’ve helped prepare at Creativities and made them for my family at home.” – Catherine