Knit and Natter

In 2015 a small group of people, who had an interest in knitting and crocheting, started meeting at The Courtyard Café in Horsforth.   The group expanded and it didn’t take long before there were 2 meetings every week.   Initially we knitted bonding squares and hats for the premature baby unit at the LGI.   This expanded to premature baby cardigans and we also received personal requests for baby garments.   The ethos of the group is to knit for worthy causes.   Currently, our projects are blankets, socks, mitts, bonding squares for the children’s ICU at the LGI, chemo cuddle shawls for child cancer patients, hats and scarves for the street homeless and DATBOGs for the Walk of Art.   Previously, we have been involved in yarn bombing, poppies, daffodils for Marie Curie, octopus for neonatal and Angel babies, knitted dollies for Africa, twiddle muffs and many more worth projects.


We have 104 members on our Facebook membership which is a very active, friendly place where there always seems to be someone who can help you out if you have a knitting issues.    Recently, we have had a few events where we have joined Yorkshire Yarners, another local knitting group, as many are members of both groups.   Sharing experience and friendship is what our group is all about.  


At the Walk of Art we want to share our enjoyment and would love to encourage others to have a go at knitting or crocheting.   We hope that visitors to the event would want to get involved and we hope to be able to offer help to those who want to have a go, especially the children.   We hope to provide tuition in knitting, crocheting, finger knitting and simple weaving.