I am 43 and live in Horsforth with my wife and two children and I have been studying photography on and off for the past 18 years.  I first realised my passion for photography, when I started evening classes at Park Lane College in Horsforth, this was where I first processed black and white film and where I produced my first black and white prints. I will always remember my first print, putting a sheet of photographic paper into a tray of chemicals and the image I had imprinted onto the paper using an enlarger, turned this blank piece of paper into an image I had taken – I was hooked!

My main intention is to take images with a different perspective, to make them as original    as I can, so I use various filters, flash guns, fisheye lenses and use long shutter speed timings to create motion blur.

I take my camera everywhere and do not stick to set subjects – I take photos of what I like, whether its by the sea, in the city, in the countryside, at a gig ………

I use high quality 310gsm textured etched paper to give a textured feel, whilst not losing the detail of the image and this gives an added dimension to my prints.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work.





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