Puppets 4 Peas

Marc Parrett’s work is a mash up of puppetry, art, mime, clown, objet trouve, live music, blah blah and automata.

Marc is Artistic Director of Puppets 4 Peas which tours puppet based theatre work nationally and internationally.


‘Sunk’ is Marc’s new piece that he will be bringing to the walk of art.

Performance installation automata by Marc Parrett & Puppets4Peas

Do you remember when the floods came and they didnt stop? That day we were all engulfed and it was a case of go with the flow or sink without trace. Some of us built rafts and bobbed about in a daze wondering what to do next. Some of us are still bobbing about. Ah well…. perhaps tomorrow will be a sunnier day.

Marc Parrett’s mechanical theatrical diversions are suffused with allegory, myth and modern existential angst. They’re also a bit odd. Come and play, and maybe bring an umbrella.

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Here’s a Vimeo link to my ‘This is Fish Town’ exhibition last year. https://vimeo.com/260271974


041 from Marc Parrett on Vimeo.