Route & Number: Red 9

Date / Time: Saturday 2nd July 10 – 4pm

Sunday 3rd July 10 – 4pm

Location:  49 Brownberrie Ave

Event: An exhibition of Fine Art Drawing & Embroidery

I am a Fine Art Graduate whose practice focuses around embroidery and drawing animals and nature. I have a love for tactile pieces which I why I enjoy embroidery, and repetitive mark making which is possible in both embroidery and pen drawing, producing different results which marry well together. My work explores nature, hybrids and mythology and the cynicism of the modern world; I aim to suspend disbelief.

I will be exhibiting a body of work involving embroidered pieces, collages and pen drawings, all based around Yorkshire folklore and legends; some real, some fictional. Displayed together, the viewer would be reminded of the rich heritage of story-telling that was once so important in society and culture, and imagine a world where these creatures exist.

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