Jane Mitchell

Jane Mitchell

Route & Number: Red 10

Date / Time:

Saturday 2nd July 10 – 4pm

Location:  Lister Hill Baptist Church


Sunday 3rd July 10– 4pm

Location:  Horsforth High School


Event: Exhibition of Landscape Photography


I have taken a keen interest in photography since 2011. I started with a bridge camera and attended a landscape  workshop in Cumbria to learn the skills involved in landscape photography. Following this I quickly moved on to a DSLR camera and in my spare time have spent the last few years developing my skills.I shoot in manual mode because it gives you more control of the image that you are creating and I use filters if necessary .

I particularly like photographing the landscape of Cumbria as I know it very well and have spent a lot of time there during my life as I enjoy hill walking . I like  capturing the different moods created by the light in the landscape , it looks different every day. I enjoy composing photographs to simplify the image and show the beauty of the landscape. I also love to  photograph the Yorkshire Dales and coast , Yorkshire is my home county and is a special place as it contains an amazing variety of landscapes . It has a bit of almost everything. I am working on a project at Brimham Rocks at the moment where I work as a volunteer for the National Trust. Following this I will be creating more images of the Yorkshire Dales and coast this year.

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Jane Mitchell

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