Kasia Baczkowski

Happy Flower Art

Route & Number: Green 35

Date / Time: Saturday 2nd July 10 – 4pm

Sunday 3rd July 1 – 4pm

Location:  Woodside Methodist Church & Pre-School

Event: An exhibition of Expressive Art

Artist Statement: Kasia Baczkowski (happy flower art)

My work is abstract and inspired by life, my surroundings, colour and basic pattern. I source these through meditative and visionary techniques as well as patterns seen in nature. I also use free form, almost subconscious methods. These processes produce unique pieces with a personal outlook and are often expressive of a certain energy/feeling. It is a result of my background in the Biological Sciences and Psychology as well as observations on life and how many things in nature mirror/represent the human ‘condition’. Hopefully the viewer can relate to and maybe create their own narrative around the pieces relating to their own experience.

Most of my art originates from ideas from my little brain but I’m happy to work with clients on a commission basis to produce something that reflects their personality and needs too – it’s always exciting to collaborate!

website:      www.happyflowerart.co.uk


Kasia Baczkowski

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