Peter Donnelly

Route & Number: Green 21

Date / Time: Saturday 2nd July 10 – 4pm

                          Sunday 3rd July 10 – 4pm

Location:  54 Victoria Gardens

Event: Sculpture Exhibition

My earlier work was concerned with the creation of busts or portraits of expressionless subjects. A theme connecting these separate creations was that of “experience”. Each individual had their own story, their own life and, the creation of this background is left to the imagination of the audience. In my sculpture I aim to inspire this curiosity from the audience. This is also the case in the more surreal pieces I create which are more of an abstract representation of thoughts and emotions usually personified into exaggerated forms. I tend to begin with a sketch or painting and develop this idea into a 3d sculpture. It is this part of the process that I particularly gain satisfaction from, giving life to these creations.
Primarily, I work in clay as I find this medium the most effective in communicating my ideas and I find the process of sculpting extremely therapeutic. I generally begin with a tinfoil armature and build around this using air dry clay. I use a range of tools to sculpt the wet clay and then add further detail through carving once the piece is dry. Following this I usually use an air brush to add colour, detail and shading. In addition to replicate smaller pieces I use liquid latex or silicone to create moulds and cast these in a cement/ plaster of Paris mix.
I pick darker subjects as you can say much more using this method and evoke a rang of reactions and emotions from the same piece. I have always found it fascinating how we are all thrown together in the same place yet we can all view the world so differently. Art is a brilliant communicative tool for showing others what you see and feel and I find it reassuring that there are so many different ways to view things, be it an ashtray or a sunset.

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Peter Donnelly

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