Sarah Shannon

Route & Number: Blue 1

Date/Time: 2nd & 3rd July 10-4pm

Location:  Leeds Trinity University

Event: Abstract Exhibition & drop-in activity for all ages

My work is how I see the world, colourful and abstract. I am always drawn to anything bright, colourful and out of the ordinary.

I have always enjoyed art from a young age. At school I went on to complete a GCSE and A Level in art, the rest has been self-taught.

I always try and think positively and my work reflects this, seeing things in a positive light.

Uplifting and achievable, believing you can be what you want to be.

I make the most of the time that I have for my art. I have my own creative space, I paint in my shed or in my garden. I always prefer to work in natural light as it shows the true reflective colours of the paintings.

I am always taking in what I see, making notes and taking pictures of what inspires me as I travel around day to day. There can be beauty in many things.

Make your own interpretation of my artwork, envisage it as what you want it to be. That’s how I see it, all a matter of perspective.

Sarah Shannon

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