The Perky Painter

Route & Number: Green 19

Date / Time: Saturday 2nd July 10 – 4pm

Sunday 3rd July 10 – 4pm

Location:  58 Victoria Drive

Event: A perky exhibition of paintings and print as well as a hands on activity creating a paper mache ‘pearguin’

The Perky Painter is the passion and heart of Artist Helen Gibson. Helen crafts beautifully vibrant acrylic and digital paintings full of character and charm, thoughtfully recreated in prints and gifts.

Inspired by looking and seeing beyond the norm into a world of colour, texture and personality. This is boldly expressed in her bright, spirited artwork and whimsical characters.

Helen draws inspiration from the natural world, the British Countryside and her love of animals.

The Perky Painter gives you fresh, quirky artwork and gifts to brighten any space and lighten any spirit!


Twitter/Instagram/Printerest: @thePerkyPainter

The Perky Painter

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