Body, Mind & Heart, Kids Yoga

Body, Mind & Heart will have an open space for all members of the family to have a go at fun yoga and mindfulness activities on Saturday 6th July at The Grove Centre from 1 pm onwards. To give an idea of how a class flows there will be two free 30 minute yoga and mindfulness classes. One for children aged 5-11 at 1.30pm and a teen’s class for ages 12-16 at 2.30pm. As well as having fun, building strength, flexibility and balance the classes also bring awareness of being mindful through varying activities and games. Come along to move, breath and relax.

As an Ambassador for The Kindness Rocks Project I will be leading a stone painting activity following on from the teen class from 3pm where there will be the opportunity to decorate a pebble with an affirmation (statement). This project believes that one message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook and life. These pebbles will form a library of sorts which will be hosted by The Greenhouse Horsforth, allowing the community to be uplifted by taking a pebble while enjoying some food and drink or by popping in to take one away and returning it days later.