John Wood: Illustrator & cartoonist

John Wood is a painter/illustrator/Cartoonist from Horsforth. As a young child he was greatly influenced by the passion his father and uncle clearly had for art and this placed him firmly on his path. 

He gained a scholarship at the Leeds college of arts and after completion he worked in the commercial industry, learning the trade and getting as much experience as he could. 

At the age of 38 he turned his hand to freelancing where he illustrated publications such as ‘How to treat your doctor’ which was produced by the Office for Health and Economics. 

For 30 years he worked as a freelance cartoonist for many big names such as Boots and Leeds very own E J Arnolds, and even found himself working for the German market as part of the Gertner Institute and illustrating educational publications such as ‘Wer Wie Was’ before he retired in his 60s. Since his retirement he started to work with oil paintings, the subject matters for which often contain a message or a social commentary.