Alexa Molyneux : Oil Painting

I am a local artist living in Rawdon and working from my home based art studio. I am a mum of two, and split my part time work between my art practice and working as an art therapist in Leeds. I gained my BA in Fine Art in 2005 and a Masters degree in art therapy in 2012. I use my art practice to help me escape and re-charge and I find pleasure in the meditative element that art making can bring. I try to keep my brushwork loose, giving it an expressive quality. I use layers of paint so I can scratch and scrape at the surface, adding interest and depth. My practice as an art therapist and passion for using art as a way of healing has greatly impacted my work as an artist. My other inspiration is my two daughters and their fascination with nature and animals. Over the years I have paid closer attention to animals through my interaction with children’s books and toys, visiting farms and zoos, and spotting animals in the wild together. This has lead me to paint in detail the animals that we share a love of. I love seeing their reaction to new paintings.


Instagram: alexa.arty

Facebook: artbyalexa