Alexandra Francis: Sculptures and Installations

I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Leeds, England, with a primary focus on the creation of sculptures and installations. The artwork that I tend to create are often audience interactive and revolve around the concepts of fluctuation, natural forms and biomorphism. With my fascination of the natural world, it is not a surprise that I incorporate natural patterns, layers, formations, colour and geometry in the work that I produce. ​ My sculptures and installations are eye-catching, playful and child-like, with the use of bright colours and certain materials, in order to attract attention from an audience of all ages. ​  Recently I have found that I am fond of experimenting with the art form photography. Photography allows me to capture and compare my work as both an image and an object, which provides me with the opportunity to explore my work within both 2D and 3D surfaces. Alongside exploring surface within my art practice, photographing the art that I create within various settings encourages me to also take into consideration the location, lighting – whether natural or artificial, and the presence of an audience.  ​ Not only do I then find myself as the artist of the work, but also the photographer, and the onlooker.


Instagram: @colourcatcher.cre