Artist Information

Planning on participating at the Horsforth Walk of Art 2021?  Find out all you need to know here.

How is Covid 19 effecting the Walk of Art 2021 for artists?

  • For this year we are having to work towards a set of assumptions. Firstly, that small crowds are now able to gather by July 21 but a set of social distancing rules are still in place.  E.g. 2 metres away from each other, face masks are required in doors only.
  • We will continue to work to these assumptions and with the information that we currently know from the government roadmap until further announcements are made.

What artists are you looking for?

  • Anything that can easily be presented in an outdoor space. Painting, photography, printmaking, digital art, drawing & sculpture, writing as well as work in film, installations, poetry, music and performance.

When is the Walk of Art?

  • The 2021 Horsforth walk of art festival is on the 3rd and 4th July from 11am to 5pm both days.

Do I have to participate on both days?

  • Preferably as most venues are also offering both days.

I am an amateur artist, can I participate?

  • Of course, we except submissions from amateur artists, hobby groups and recent graduates or newly emerging artists as well as from established artists.

I am a professional artist, will I be charged to participate?

  • The walk of art is free to participate for all. We do, however, expect you to meet, greet and engage with trail participants.

Will it cost me to participate?

  • No not at all.

Can I sell my art?

  • You are free to sell work without commission, we only ask that selling is secondary to engaging, demonstrating and inspiring.

I have very specific requirements for my venue, can these be accommodated?

  • When you apply, you will be asked certain questions to enable us to understand your requirements. We will try our hardest to fulfil all these requirements but will of course discuss with you.  Please note that all venues will be asked to provide OUTDOOR SPACE only for this years walk of Art due to predicted Covid restrictions.

I am concerned about being present with my art, can I just display at home in my window?

  • Yes absolutely.

Since I will be outside, should I think about a cover?

  • Yes, please also discuss with your venue but a pop up gazebo may be required.

Should I be offering an activity for participants to do?

  • For this year only we are discouraging hands on activities due to anticipated  Covid restrictions.  However, the aim of the trail is to inspire creativity in the participants therefore we would still encourage artists to inspire through conversations and demonstrations where possible.

I already have a venue lined up, is that ok?

  • Yes that is even better.  All you have to do is register yourself as an artist and there will be a question to answer about if you have your own venue.  Then your venue should also register separately (your venue may be your own home, if so then please register this).

Will the venue provide food and drink for me?

  • Please do not assume this will be the case, come well prepared with your own food and water but always discuss with your venue, they are a friendly bunch.

Who manages the risk?

  • We have asked each venue to consider any potential risks to the public and remove them or highlight them where possible.  E.g. Is there a particularly steep step?  Why not make a sign?

The simple rule to follow is to remove any slip, trip or hit hazards.

What about covid risk?

  • We will be providing downloadable posters for venues to print e.g. please adhere to 2m (if still applicable by then). We will keep you informed of any changes throughout the organisation.

How else can I get involved?

  • We ask all artists whether they are able to spare any time to make a video of their craft to show at a local school in order to produce art for our High Street Gallery. We are passionate about engaging and inspiring children in the arts and showing them a broad spectrum of artistic avenues.
  • We will of course publicise your involvement with the schools heavily for this.

What happens about Marketing and promoting

  • We use all social media platforms to promote the event, this includes a ‘spotlight on…’ campaign where we focus on the artists.
  • We have a very well used website which provides information about each artist and where to find them on the day.
  • We will not be using national press this year to try and keep the event to local and nearly local areas.
  • We advise that in order to make your event a success you, as a minimum, share all social media postings and talk regularly about the event.

There is a 2021 theme for the festival, does my artwork need to reflect the theme?

  • Not at all, we always use a theme for our mascots that we hide at the venues and for the wooden themed creatures that the children create to hang outside their schools.
  • Other artists and venues have in the past embraced the theme either through their art or their activity

Can I talk to someone about participating?

  • Absolutely – you can contact us by:

How can I apply?

  • The application period is now up and running until 30th April 2021. Please apply here !

I need to change some information I have already provided through the application process?

  • Please contact us through our email account –
  • If you do not have access to a computer then please ring Kezia on 07984025335

My question is not here?

  • Please contact us and we will not only answer you but add your question to this Q&A.