Gallery 2020

Tim Gomersall: Art

Tim is a local resident who creates art for pleasure.  What a versatile talent he has.

Sue Beardsworth : Acrylic and Watercolour Artist

I am a local amateur artist. My work includes watercolour, acrylics, drawing, print and card making and occasionally embroidery and quilting. I sketch places, objects and people and use these as subject matter. I particularly enjoy developing colour and pattern relationships.

Facebook – Sue Beardsworth Art

Instagram – suejb567

Ralph Bainbridge : Unique Original Artwork

I am a retired Engineer with a passion for art and I spend most of my time painting.

Walk of Art comment – Did you know, Ralph was the inspiration behind the start of the Walk of Art after the founder, Lara Rule, saw Ralph displaying his beautiful pieces on his driveway over 6 years ago now! Ralph has been involved in the Walk of Art ever since.

Twitter: abstractralph

Becky Heaviside : Acrylic Pour

I do acrylic pour painting in my garage. It’s really fun, really messy and you never know exactly what you’re going to get.

Becky has recently been selling her pieces on the Horsforth community Facebook page so keep your eyes open!

Kate Evans : Acrylic on Fretworked Wood

Kate Evans paints in acrylic on fretworked wood, which is layered to give a three-D effect to her paintings. It’s a technique which she has evolved herself. Her principal subjects are still life, particularly food, and plants, and she also paints pictures with assorted animals and birds, and occasionally buildings. She has had exhibitions in Accrington, Halifax, and at Heart Community Centre in Headingley. She is very happy to take commissions

Website –

Facebook – @Kate Evans painted fretwork.

Penny Lewis : Visual Artist

I am trained in Textile Design and have been a practising arts facilitator for many years. I believe that being creative enhances well-being and self-esteem. It can be a tool for learning and improves communication and decision making. Art inspires the imagination, provides connectivity to different aspects of the world and sends everyone home with a buzz.

Instagram: pennylewis5621

Facebook: penny.l.lewis

Alexandra Francis: Sculptures and Installations

I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Leeds, England, with a primary focus on the creation of sculptures and installations. The artwork that I tend to create are often audience interactive and revolve around the concepts of fluctuation, natural forms and biomorphism. With my fascination of the natural world, it is not a surprise that I incorporate natural patterns, layers, formations, colour and geometry in the work that I produce. ​ My sculptures and installations are eye-catching, playful and child-like, with the use of bright colours and certain materials, in order to attract attention from an audience of all ages. ​  Recently I have found that I am fond of experimenting with the art form photography. Photography allows me to capture and compare my work as both an image and an object, which provides me with the opportunity to explore my work within both 2D and 3D surfaces. Alongside exploring surface within my art practice, photographing the art that I create within various settings encourages me to also take into consideration the location, lighting – whether natural or artificial, and the presence of an audience.  ​ Not only do I then find myself as the artist of the work, but also the photographer, and the onlooker.


Instagram: @colourcatcher.cre

Gill Wood : Knits for Nippers

I enjoy knitting toys and children’s novelty jumpers and like to demonstrate that the joy of knitted goods does not have to be boring. 


Paul Howard : Abstract Artist Acrylic

I am an Artist painting the landscape in abstract form I also work in charcoal and pastels

Instagram: @Paul howard 4

Esther and Elke : Art Work

Beautiful pieces from a Grandaughter and Grandmother.  Elke is a keen patchwork quilter and Esther is producing vibrant paintings/drawings.

Cally Anderson: Acrylic Paintings and Prints

Cally Anderson: Acrylic Paintings and Prints

“She’s a little bit obsessed with crows” ….. is what I tend to hear, but so what, they are interesting beautiful creatures who are in a lot of cases more intelligent than the average human!….. (roll of eyes). So yes, I like to paint crows but I also love landscapes, stormy skies and beautiful gothic architecture. If you also love these things then you’re in the right place. 
 I’m an independent artist based in Leeds, my style is very gothic and macabre. All my paintings are created with acrylic paints on canvas. My limited editions are Giclee prints. 
 If you like what you see but want something slightly different please contact Cally through her webpage


Instagram: @CallyAArt

Martyn Smith (xomartynxo) : Printmaker and Artist

I am an American artist working and living in my home in a little Yorkshire town of Otley. I love all things art and focus most of my work in drawing unique places of interest. I do commissioned work and have drawn people’s homes or areas they have loved on holiday etc.

If you like my work, please get in touch!


Facebook and Instagram: xomartynxo_art

Rebecca Bold : Marvellous Ink – Art

I explore with bright colours. The ink has so many qualities that it gives me an opportunity to be both delicate and daring when making. All work is for sale, message if you see something you like.

Commission available on a no obligation to purchase basis.

Facebook: @Marvellous Ink – Art

Instagram: @bbold.and.make

Paul Aitch Art : Tessellations, Ambigrams

Self taught artist born and bred in Leeds in the North of England.

​I have always had a love of art and rock music, in particular indie and punk rock.

​I love to paint or draw portraits and have, over the last 4 or 5 years combined my two loves by drawing the band members and people I meet as I attend rock gigs. This takes the form of Big ’Eds and Tessellation Portraits.

​I have also painted watercolours of a range of subjects.



Twitter and Instagram: @PaulAitchArt

Carbon Art : Drawings

I am a Horsforth-based artist and love to display my work locally as a lot of it is of the Yorkshire area. My monochromatic style is simple yet striking and uses the basic medium of pencil to create interesting and stunning visuals.




DebbieC : Cards and Paintings

I have been painting since the mid-1990’s starting in a wonderful class taught by Howard Carlisle. When I retired in 2005, I taught myself to paint in acrylics as I was advised that they are much easier. They are, and I love their bright colours and versatility. I now use a type which dries less quickly and can be re-wet, making blending colours much easier. I try to express my love of life and my Christian faith in all I do. Most of my art-works are neutral subjects, but I also depict scenes from The Bible. One example is “The Storm before The Calm”.

Sophie Smith – Millenial Fudge : Abstract Mixed Media

Set up in 2019, Millennial Fudge is a creative outlet for me – Sophie Smith. Instagram and my website are a platform for my artwork and a way of sharing this with the world. I paint on paper, canvases and sometimes board, incorporating all kinds of mixed media – acrylic paint, pastels, water colours, fabric, pens, pencils, stencils. Anything I can get my hands on to make interesting patterns and textures.


Instagram: @millennialfudge

Alexa Molyneux : Oil Painting

I am a local artist living in Rawdon and working from my home based art studio. I am a mum of two, and split my part time work between my art practice and working as an art therapist in Leeds. I gained my BA in Fine Art in 2005 and a Masters degree in art therapy in 2012. I use my art practice to help me escape and re-charge and I find pleasure in the meditative element that art making can bring. I try to keep my brushwork loose, giving it an expressive quality. I use layers of paint so I can scratch and scrape at the surface, adding interest and depth. My practice as an art therapist and passion for using art as a way of healing has greatly impacted my work as an artist. My other inspiration is my two daughters and their fascination with nature and animals. Over the years I have paid closer attention to animals through my interaction with children’s books and toys, visiting farms and zoos, and spotting animals in the wild together. This has lead me to paint in detail the animals that we share a love of. I love seeing their reaction to new paintings.


Instagram: alexa.arty

Facebook: artbyalexa

Filthy Soup : Fun Cards & Gifts

Filthy Soup is the work of Marianne Nightingale, graphic designer and juggler of stuff. Family life is where I’m at and inspiration comes from the random conversations I have with my gang around the dining table. I create bold, hand drawn artwork to add a little brightness to life – and because colouring is good for the soul!

Facebook and Instagram: @lovefilthysoup

SteJDesigns : Illustration

I’m Steve James and I like drawing pictures.

I’m originally from a small village in North Yorkshire and now live on the outskirts of the vibrant city of Leeds. ​ There are a lot of arty folk in my family and I naturally took to doodling from an early age with influences from Beano and Dandy comics to Warner Brothers and Disney cartoons. ​ I have over 10 years of experience working in the creative industry, I’ve been fortunate to design a wide variety of greetings cards for cute, humour and licensed ranges (including Disney: Muppets, Star Wars, Marvel and Toy Story). I’ve also worked on packaging for video game accessories, posters, logos, calendars and animations.

Recent projects include illustrations for iMPRINT Macmillan’s ‘Super Happy Party Bears’ childrens books and illustrations for Leeds City Museums ‘Beavers to Weavers’ exhibition.

I am proudly represented by illustration agency, Advocate Art @advocateart01 for Greeting card design and Children’s book illustration

Did you know Steve was the Walk of Arts official artist for 2 years on the trot.


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: Stejdesigns

Emily Green : Photographer

Like many of us, during the Coronavirus pandemic, work was brought to a halt. We were all clapping on Thursdays for our NHS and Key workers, banned from seeing loved ones, and there became a national shortage of toilet roll. The photo studio was forced to closed and all weddings for the foreseeable were cancelled.  So, thinking outside of the box I started photographing people on their doorsteps. I think this little moment in history is going to be so significant later on in life to look back on, and what better way to record it than with a family portrait on your doorstep. I met so many new people, photographed lots of different animals from chickens, to cats, dogs, horses, pigs and the rest – but most of all, I put smiles on the faces lots of different families!

I managed to capture a total of 250 different doorsteps. So, thank you Horsforth, for supporting my small business through lockdown.


Facebook and Instragram: @emilygreenphotography

Mr Parrett and Gingerbread Cottage : Automata, drawing, objet trouvé and a general sense of chaos

Mr Parrett and the residents of Gingerbread Cottage are proud to present 3 brand new ‘art-works’ for your perusal. Obviously, in line with current restrictions, we’ve had to be inventive with our displays but we hope you’ll still feel motivated to meander past and enjoy the presentation… albeit at a long arm’s length. On show will be: ‘The Tree of Life/I’ll Never Make a Living Doing This’ – A mobile installation that examines the tension between inspiring life choices and the need to survive and thrive. ‘The Micro Lockdown Art Gallery Experience’ – this animated display was designed to help alleviate both cultural deprivation and physical inertia. ‘We Don’t Know What it is Yet, But it’s Big’ – An ongoing creative experiment using the south wall of Gingerbread Cottage. Mr Parrett’s works combine automata, drawing, objet trouvé and a general sense of chaos. To see more of his work go to

Minu Art : Paintings – Acrylic Colours and Alcohol Inks

I am a self taught painter and am thrilled that I have been able to exhibit locally as well as internationally in group and solo exhibitions.

I am fascinated about how paintings can evoke a mood or sentiment and have gradually moved into abstract art . I also think art is not just to look at but use in daily life so recently have used my art prints in different home decor and stationary which I am thrilled about ,and hope you will be too !

All paintings here can be purchased from Minus facebook page.

They are all A5 size At £30 apart from the yellow dressed ballet dancer which is A4 size and is priced T £45 All are Alcohol ink works on Yupo paper and will come unframed but with varnished finish . This is a new and exciting medium and I would also welcome commissions if clients wanted a piece in specific styles or colours to suit their interiors Apart from originals , prints can be made on canvas to make bold modern statements in your home.

Facebook: paintings by Minu Art

Sue Abbott : Watercolours

Beautiful watercolours from local artist Sue Abbott.

Elizabeth de Broise : Pet Portraits & Animal Art

I am an animal portrait artist based in Horsforth. The main focus of my practice is custom pet portraits, inspired by the desire to celebrate our pets and our special bond with them. A pet portrait is the perfect way to honour a beloved companion, give a very personal gift, or remember an old friend. I drew my own dog Lucas (my muse, mascot, and 85% good boy) for the first time back in 2015 and this has since led to around 150 pet portrait commissions. I work in a realistic style as I have always enjoyed the challenge of recreating subjects true to life on paper, and I aim to capture the unique personality and characteristics of each pet I draw. I have also developed a range of wildlife art prints and cards inspired by animal characters from classic children’s literature; the originals were made for my daughter’s nursery. These are drawn in a realistic style that will appeal to both adults and children and can be mixed and matched to create character sets, habitat sets, or sets of your favourite animals.




Gary Kitchen : Watercolours

Artist in painted media, works in oil, acrylic and watercolour, specialises in semi-abstract and literal landscapes, enjoys architecture in the landscape.



Franco Zicchieri : Landscape Photography

A range of black & white and colour landscape photographs from the UK and wider world.


Zoe Eady : Stained Glass Artist

I am primarily a stained glass artist. I mostly make large traditionally leaded windows for private commission. I live in Horsforth but have a studio at Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley. Throughout lockdown, glass work has been slow so I’ve spent my time making lino-prints and laser cut flowers!

Here is a mixture of photos of some recent work..


Anita Dickinson : Card Making

I’m a local resident and over that last few years have really enjoyed making my own greetings cards for friends and family. It’s my hobby and would like to share the experience with others. I think making a card for someone is really personal and I’ve not come across anyone who hasn’t appreciated the effort.

Walk of Art comment – We are hoping Anita will join us next year to share her card making passion as a hands on activity.

Lisa Krivov : Acrylic Paintings

I’m 14 years old and I started painting in September 2018. I mainly paint nature-related and landscape paintings, such as fields, forests, trees and seascapes. However, I also have a few other paintings, such as some of foods and one of flowers. I have created almost all of my works using acrylic paints. I hope to inspire other artists and show my paintings and the progress I’ve made.

Painting titles –
Warm Waves, Autumn Foliage, In the lonely fields, Sundown sailing, Wintertime vibes, Fishing boats on the beach (Copy of Van Gogh painting), Soft Autumn Breeze, Flowers on the setting sun

Instagram: pipolangosta

Sandra McGarr : Acrylics and Greetings Cards

Sandra McGarr is an artist based in Horsforth. She is largely self taught and has also attended a variety of courses including painting at Leicester University and life drawing and painting at Leeds Art University.

She enjoys meeting new people and sharing with them her interest and joy of art. Recent influences include:  Goyas etchings and Rembrandt’s etchings on a religious theme, prints of which are held at Leeds Art Gallery.

Her inspiration comes from the colours of nature and the solid form of manmade structures. The eclectic mix of artwork is helped by her ability to create a strong drawing. The vibrant colours of flowers are reflected in her wildflower and garden flower designs in watercolour.


Tony Wetherill : Pencil Drawings

I have never considered myself an artist. My only formal training was from an uninspiring school Art teacher, my only art qualification an unremarkable O Level, however I have always enjoyed sketching and drawing from an early age.

Over the years I have explored different media but have always felt most comfortable with pencil. There’s something about the simple, pure style of just working with a couple of pencils and a pad which has always appealed to me.

I have also drawn different subject matter, ranging from cartoon strips as a boy, through to portraits of people and animals, before finding a settled style which combines my love of pencil with my other favourite pastime of walking in God’s own county, surrounded by nature. Most of my pieces are from family walks, and so each one brings back memories of a certain place, trip or holiday.