High Street Galleries – Businesses Information

Are you a business in Horsforth and want to get involved in the Walk of Art?  Here are some frequently asked questions which may help you.


How is Covid 19 effecting the Walk of Art 2021?

  • For this year we are having to work towards a set of assumptions. Firstly, that small crowds are now able to gather by June 21 but a set of social distancing rules are still in place.  E.g. 2 metres away from each other, face masks are required in doors only.
  • We will continue to work to these assumptions and with the information that we currently know from the government roadmap until further announcements are made.

When is the Walk of Art?

  • The 2021 Horsforth walk of art festival is on the 3rd and 4th July from 11am to 5pm both days.

I would love to sponsor you, how can I do that?

  • We are always looking for sponsorship for various aspects of the walk of art.  Previous businesses have sponsored the printed map, our website, our boards, any promotion, the Gala.
  • Get in touch with us through our email: Horsforthwoa@outlook.com
  • Or contact Kezia on 07984025335

What is a high street gallery?

  • The High Street Galleries will exhibit work created by local schools in collaboration with participating artists.
  • We are looking for local to LS18 businesses on Town Street and New road side who are willing to display school artwork from the 30th June 21 to the 5th July 21.

What do I need to do to be a high street gallery?

  • Just say yes!
  • Our volunteers will collect information from you re: size of window, contact information and any specific information we may need to know.
  • Our volunteers will then contact you nearer the time to let you know which school will be displaying their artwork in your window.
  • We will pop by a few days before the event and put the art work up
  • Then we will visit you shortly after the event to take the art work down.

I don’t want to be a high street gallery, how else can I contribute?

  • Our theme this year is ‘Up in the Air’, why don’t you decorate your property/business for everyone to see?  Enter into the spirit of the festival!

Can I just have an artist in residence instead?

  • For this year only we are only offering artists an OUTDOOR space from which to display their art, so if you can offer this for both days then, yes.

Do I have to open my venue to both days?

  • If you want to host an artist then yes preferably, as most artists are looking for venues for both days.
  • If you are a High Street Gallery, then you do not need to be open both days as long as the art is visable to the public.

Will it cost me to participate?

  • No not at all.

Do I need to already have an artist lined up to host an artist?

  • No, you can register as a venue alone and we can match you with an artist that suits their requirements.
  • The application survey will help to gather this information so we can share with the artists.

I already have an artist is that ok?

  • Yes that is even better, all you have to do is register as a venue and there will be a question asking who your artist is.  Please make sure your artist also registers so we can gather their information.

I am an artist, can I showcase my art in my own space?

  • Yes absolutely, just register separately as an artist and then a venue and there will be a specific question asking if you already have an artist.

Do I need to offer an activity at the venue?

  • For this year only we are discouraging hands on activities due to anticipated Covid restrictions.  However, the aim of the trail is inspire creativity in the participants therefore we would still encourage artists to inspire through conversations and demonstrations where possible.

Where do I display the artwork?

  • Please note that all venues will be asked to provide OUTDOOR SPACE only for this years walk of Art due to predicted Covid restrictions.

Since it will be outside, should I think about a cover?

  • Yes, please also discuss with your artist about a pop up gazebo which may be required.

Should I provide food and drink for my artist?

  • Depends on where/what your venue is.  However, if you are signing up to host an artist for the weekend then it would be nice to offer them at least a cuppa!  Make sure you discuss with your artist and it is within current Covid 19 guidelines.

Should I provide water for the public?

  • For this year only we ask that you do not provide water unless of course you are already a café/bar/restaurant and it is within Covid 19 restrictions.

What happens about Marketing and promotion?

  • We use all social media platforms to promote the event, this includes a ‘spotlight on…’ campaign where we focus on the artists and where they will be.
  • We have a very well visited website which provided information about each artist and where to find them on the day.
  • We advise that in order to make your event a success you, as a minimum, share all social media postings and talk regularly about the event.
  • We also provide each venue with a sign courtesy of our promotors, which you can pick up nearer the event.  This sign will help to make each venue easily recognisable from the curb.

When will I get my sign for the venue?

  • We will contact you nearer the time to come and collect the sign, bunting to decorate your venue and any other information you may need for the day.
  • If you cannot collect the sign then we will also discuss this nearer the time?
  • If you are a High Street Gallery, you will not get a separate sign.

Where do I put my sign?

  • You can place this anywhere on your property as long as it is visible and secure.
  • If you are a High Street Gallery, you will not get a separate sign.

Is it my responsibility to put my own sign up?

  • Yes where it is physically possible.  If there are any reasons as to why this is not possible then we are more than happy to arrange something.

When do I put my sign up?

  • At least 1 week before the event where possible as this is a great promotional item for your venue.

When do I take the sign down?

  • As soon as possible after the event.

Where do I return my signs and bunting?

  • We will give you this information when you pick up the signs.

Who manages the risk?

  • We ask that for each venue you consider any potential risks to the public and remove them or highlight them where possible.  E.g. Is there a particularly steep step?  Why not make a sign?

The simple rule to follow is to remove any slip, trip or hit hazards.

What about covid risk?

  • We will be providing downloadable posters for venues to print e.g. please adhere to 2m (if still applicable by then). We will keep you informed of any changes throughout the organisation.

There is a 2021 theme for the festival, does my venue need to reflect the theme?

  • Not at all, we always use a theme for our mascots that we hide at the venues and for the wooden themed creatures that the children create to hang outside their schools.
  • Other artists and venues have in the past embraced the theme.  Or why not decorate your venue?

Can I talk to someone about participating?

  • Absolutely – you can contact us by:

How can I apply?

The application period for the Walk of Art 2021 has now closed! Thank you to everyone who is participating this year

I need to change some information I have already provided through the application process?

  • Please contact us through our email account – Horsforthwoa@outlook.com
  • If you do not have access to a computer then please ring Kezia on 07984025335

My question is not here?

  • Please contact us and we will not only answer you but add your question to this Q&A.