Mr Parrett and Gingerbread Cottage : Automata, drawing, objet trouvé and a general sense of chaos

Mr Parrett and the residents of Gingerbread Cottage are proud to present 3 brand new ‘art-works’ for your perusal. Obviously, in line with current restrictions, we’ve had to be inventive with our displays but we hope you’ll still feel motivated to meander past and enjoy the presentation… albeit at a long arm’s length. On show will be: ‘The Tree of Life/I’ll Never Make a Living Doing This’ – A mobile installation that examines the tension between inspiring life choices and the need to survive and thrive. ‘The Micro Lockdown Art Gallery Experience’ – this animated display was designed to help alleviate both cultural deprivation and physical inertia. ‘We Don’t Know What it is Yet, But it’s Big’ – An ongoing creative experiment using the south wall of Gingerbread Cottage. Mr Parrett’s works combine automata, drawing, objet trouvé and a general sense of chaos. To see more of his work go to