Participating Artists 2021

LS18 Rocks : Listening Zone

Pioneering live performance rock school LS18 Rocks have created a ‘listening zone ‘ down the side of Morrisons – between the car park and Town Street beneath the studio windows – saying Listen here. If you stand in that spot throughout the day you will hear the LS18 Rocks band rehearsals taking place ‘Up In The Air’!

We will also be doing live performances on our Facebook Live page Schedule: 9.45am Solar Jets – 10.30am Limitless 11am Flame Spirals 12.45pm Kingpin 1.30 pm Re:Boot 3pm TNT 4pm Pop Culture 5pm Gone Vinyl

The enterprise was launched by professional musician Jonnie Khan who felt students attending his growing one-to-one teaching sessions needed a performance output to boost their learning. At the time Jonnie, a Leeds College of Music alumni, was providing part-time music tutorship while alongside juggling a plethora of high-profile music industry and performing arts projects LS18 Rocks began life hiring a room in the scout hut on New Road Side on a Saturday morning and started out with just one junior band but now boasts eight full bands rehearsing – and performing – every week. Seven of the bands involve young people – with the youngest pupil aged just six-years-old. In January 2019 the project moved into its own studio based in the heart of Horsforth (above Morrisons on Town Street) and there are now approaching 100 musicians of all ages attending lessons.

Although the pandemic has proved especially hard for the cultural sector, LS18 Rocks managed to keep their musical candle burning by creating an online community. They also managed to release their first collective single titled Up In Flames in the summer of 2020, accompanied by a lockdown video. The song is the title track of a forthcoming Climate Change Protest album. And last December they made headlines around the world with the release of the spell-binding song Virtual Hugs –which captured perfectly that tragic moment in time when children were unable to see their grandparents last Christmas. The song, which topped the West Yorkshire streaming charts, was written, performed and produced entirely by young musicians and resulted in appearances on BBC Breakfast, Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch and BBC Look North. It also appeared across numerous national and local newspapers while reports of the song spread as far afield as Slovakia, Japan and even an appearance on Channel 9 in Australia.

LS18 Rocks can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Youtube @ls18rocks

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Down the side of Morrisons – between the car park and Town Street beneath the studio windows

Sue Beardsworth: Acrylic and Watercolour

I am a local amateur artist and have taken part in the Walk of Art since 2016. I work in watercolour and acrylic paint and make pictures, prints and cards. My subjects include people, buildings, still life and animals and I particularly enjoy developing colour patterns.

Facebook: Sue Beardsworth Art

Instagram: Sue Beardsworth

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 44 Bachelor Lane

Ralph Bainbridge : Unique Original Artwork

I am a retired engineer with a passion for art and I spend most of my time painting.

Walk of Art comment – Did you know, Ralph was the inspiration behind the start of the Walk of Art after the founder, Lara Rule, saw Ralph displaying his beautiful pieces on his driveway over 6 years ago now! Ralph has been involved in the Walk of Art ever since.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 74 Broadgate Lane

Twitter: abstractralph

STU-ART : Various Mediums!

This is the work produced within a 12 month period, on and off. I’ve not attended any university or art colleges and I’m a self-taught amateur lover of art. I chose various mediums with a purpose of not becoming a single category artist. I’m 47 years old and had an interest in art from an early age. I was always getting fairly good grades through school up until sixth form college, where I acquired my ‘A’ level in art. After this point I didn’t have the opportunity to take it any further, and joined the mundane conveyor belt of life that is 9-5 work. From this point the art side of things faded away. Oh how I wish I’d taken a different turn, as it’s the art I’ve been missing. So, 25 years later with no real guidance, I’ve decided that I need to reprise the motivation and excitement of it again. And now wish to show some of my work.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 6 King George Avenue

Carbon Art : Yorkshire Pencil Drawings

I am a Leeds-based artist committed to capturing the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with my striking, monochromatic style. I have always loved black and white art and the striking effects that can be achieved from a simple medium such as pencil.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 90 Bachelor Lane


Facebook: CarbonArtUK

Instagram: CarbonArtUk

The Craggwood Scarecrows

A flying scarcrow scaring the crows up in the air? Maybe. A scarecrow on a trapeze? Possibly. A scarecrow packed and ready to fly to Benidorm? It could happen. Individual members of the allotments design and make their own scarecrows, we just have to wait and see how they turn out.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Craggwood Allotments, Outwood Lane


I am trained in Textile Design and have been a practising arts facilitator for many years. I believe that being creative enhances well-being and self-esteem. I work in a variety of community settings, specialising in drawing and painting, felt making and diverse craft techniques. My personal work is inspired by the outdoors, the natural and the man made world. I explore colour, texture and movement through drawing, painting and felt-making. More and more my work reflects my concern for our environment. I start with drawing, sketchbook work, photos and experimentation, working up to a finished piece.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 45 Victoria Gardens


Facebook: Penny Lewis

Instagram: Pennysartystuff

Emmanuel Baptist : Members’ Artwork

Lovely members artwork from the Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Emmanuel Baptist Church

Pallet Man Dave

Pallet Man projects. Making planters wine bars coffee tables etc from salvaged pallet wood.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 12 Wood Lane

Gill Wood : Hand Knitted Toys

I have always got at least one knitting project on the go whether it be an article of clothing, a cuddly toy or an individual character, but most of all I enjoy creating individual characters from specific patterns or creating my own if I cant find exactly what I want. A selection of these characters will be on display at The Walk of Art.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 90 Bachelor Lane


Tanya Retour : Read Aloud

Reading aloud is something I am very passionate about. Reading aloud can bolster confidence, give a feeling of involvement in a community etc… the benefits are astronomical.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Grove Methodist Church

Horsforth Arts Society : Arts and Crafts

We are a friendly group of people who like being creative. Mostly are painters but we also have woodcarvers, printmakers, knitters and will welcome any other type of arts and crafts. Come and see us on The Green. We have our own premises at 15 Back Lane and welcome anyone to pop in and see us whenever we are open. We are not professionals and welcome new members of all abilities. We have all Covid practices in place and several rooms to allow us to stick to “rule of six”. Opening times Monday 10.00 to 12.00, Tuesday and Thursday 1.30 to 3.30. Once restrictions are over Wednesday evenings 7.30 to 9.30.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? The Green, Town Street


Instagram: @Horsforthartsociety

David Starley: Oil Painter

David Starley is a painter who works in oils with a knife rather than a brush, his favovourite subjects are trees and the Yorkhire landscape. Since 2019 he’s run The Bingley Gallery for the display of his own work and that of many other talented artists from our region.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Newlaithes Manor


Facebook: Starley.Art

Twitter: @BingleyGallery

Instagram: bingleygallery

Franco Zicchieri : Landscape Photography

Landscape Photographs from home and abroad, with some garden flower macro photography.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 84 Bachelor Lane


Instagram: flz0011

Abby McCormick : Illustrator

Illustrator and Mixed Media Artist, showcasing handmade prints, cards and gifts.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 2 Drury Lane


Facebook: Maikatok.Designs

Twitter: @MaikatokDesigns

Instagram: @maikatokdesigns

Minu Art : Alcohol Ink Paintings

I am Minu, a local Leeds based artist and member of the Horsforth Art Society. I returned to my love of drawing and painting after a long gap and in the last few years have been lucky to hold two successful solo exhibitions in Leeds along with being an exhibitor in several group exhibitions and art trails! I am self taught and an ‘explorer’ of different medium and techniques! Ha ha. My painting has not just kept me motivated during the past year, I feel reenergised as I learnt a new medium of alcohol inks! Now these are devilishly hard to control as they flow freely and also dry quickly but the results are so worth it!! With time and patience I have developed my own techniques and now do a variety of subjects like abstracts, florals and animals – all making use of the characteristic freedom of expression and colour vibrancy that only alcohol inks can give. As you might see I am quite a fan and hope you will like them too! So come along and say hello, see my work and give your feedback! I will be bringing some of my original paintings, some prints and homeware items with alcohol ink on them to jazz them up for modern living! And if you are an art lover please follow my art journey on or Facebook – paintings by Minu Art

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Newlay Lodge

Facebook: Paintings by Minu Art

Instagram: artminu

Studio Stebbings : Watercolours and Acrylics

Studio Stebbings – A variety of work including abstract landscapes, abstracts,and realistic subjects My interest in drawing started during my days at secondary school and also reflected in my career choice of architecture, back in the days of actually drawing on the drawing board and providing sketch proposals for clients! Painting never featured until my wife and children bought me, for my 60th birthday, a subscription for a beginners water colour course at Shipley College, Saltaire. I enjoyed this course for three years sharing the positives and some negatives of my technique with fellow students, and of course learning a great deal from our excellent tutor. Unfortunately the tutor had to stop due to ill health within his family but I have continued to pursue my love of painting following various on line tutorials and experimentation.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 6 Lee Lane East

Colours of Spring : Acrylic Paintings

I hadn’t started painting until Covid/lockdown hit our lives. It took so much from us but at the same time has taught us how to value little moments in our lives. It gave me some time back which I used to spend in commuting to work. I generally paint after office hours and over the weekends. It is both rejuvenating and relaxing. I paint animals, birds and flowers which I love. I find a lot of inspiration around me and on Pinterest and then amalgamate them with my imagination.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? First Steps Nursery at Froebilian, New Horsforth Road


Instagram: deepika_sehgal

Lisa Krivov : Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media Paintings

I am fifteen years old and have been painting for almost three years. I started out painting mainly landscapes and nature, however, I have recently also moved on to portraits. The main media that I work with are acrylic and sometimes oil. I also have some mixed media pieces using combination of acrylic, markers and fineliners.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Newlay Lodge

Paul Howard : Abstsract Artwork

I am an Abstract Artist painting with acrylics and charcoal I paint the landscape of Yorkshire and the east coast.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 4 Victoria Avenue

Instagram: paulnorth6

Becca Batchelor : Pen and Ink Creatures

I create simple pen and ink drawings, mostly of quirky creatures and plants from the world of the imagination. If you’re looking for a realistic sketch of a building you won’t find it here, these are the guys that are perching on the wall or hiding in the nooks and crannies of life. Some are just chilling out, some are thoughtful, some are beaming, some are sad … but the best ones are the ones that peek out and make you grin unexpectedly.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 4 Victoria Avenue

Facebook: Becca Batchelor Art

Instagram: becca_batchelor_art

Steph White Photography Scenes

I am a personal branding and micro weddings photographer based in Horsforth. I work with local businesses to help them tell their story of their business through images. I help businesses show off the person/people behind the brand. I have also been a wedding photographer for ten years and I now concentrate on smaller, micro weddings for couples who are planning a more intimate celebration. During the Walk of Art, I will be displaying photography scenes of Horsforth and the Leeds area. Land and city scapes from my personal perspective.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 7 Cragg Terrace (SUNDAY ONLY)


Facebook: stephwhitebrandphotography


Filthy Soup : Cards, Badges and Tees

Filthy Soup serves up fun, bold artwork to add a little brightness to life. Marianne Nightingale is the designer and owner of the independent Horsforth based brand, Filthy Soup, serving up an array of fun, bold artwork to add a little brightness to life and raise a smile. It is this idea that underpins all that they do, from encouraging children to enjoy art, to helping charities. They sell a collection of cards, gifts and tees that pack a punch and raise a smile. Their artwork comes with a good dollop of positive vibes. This year, for Horsforth Walk of Art, they are running a competition to get your artwork printed onto a great quality organic cotton T-shirt. Discover more at Find out about Filthy Soup products at, where you can subscribe to their mailing list to get access to special offers and news. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook @lovefilthysoup

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 55 Victoria Crescent (SUNDAY ONLY)


Facebook: @lovefilthysoup

Twitter: @lovefilthysoup

Instagram: @lovefilthysoup

Helen Hookins : Digital Drawings

I’m a West Yorkshire based digital artist, Pet portraits and urban sketcher. However I have done tattoo design and portraits as well.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 30 Victoria Walk

Facebook: Helen_bydesign

Instagram: Helen_bydesign

You & Me Personalised Prints


We all cherish our memories. At You & Me we want to capture all of your sentiment and emotions within our personalised designs. Tell us how you felt on those specific moments and we will ensure those feelings are eternalised for you and your loved ones.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 23 Hall Park Rise


Facebook: youandmebespoke

Instagram: youandmebespoke

Sarah Perry : Pastel Pet Portraits

I’m a full time artist working in my home studio. I take on commissions for portraits of dogs, cats, horses and any other pets. I use pastel, coloured pencil or graphite to produce realistic drawings of peoples beautiful pets from their photographs. I have also helped to raise money for Rob Burrow and MNDA by donating an original pastel portrait of Burrow Seven for the charity to auction and created a limited edition print with all profits going to the charity. Art of Gold gallery in Horsforth provided all the expertise in mounting the prints and framing the original drawing.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 235 New Road Side


Facebook: Sarah Perry Fine Art

Instagram: @sarahperryfineart

Alexander Joyce : Watercolours

Craft mad Grandma who decided to try watercolour painting during lockdown. It has been both rewarding and frustrating in equal measures (watercolour is a medium that is quite unforgiving and has a mind of its own). I’m thoroughly enjoying the journey with still a lot to learn. I have been delighted by the interest shown in my work on social media and have sold a few paintings as well as a number of commissions. So instead of, leaving them gathering dust in my studio seen only by me, I’ve decided to display my paintings at the Walk of Art festival.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 12 Lickless Terrace

Facebook: Alexander Joyce Designs

Jagger Prints : Lino

Jaggerstudio Legends of Rock – I am a Lino Print Artist based in Guiseley. For Christmas 2016 my children bought me a kit from Hobbycraft and in January 2017 I cut my first Lino. The rest they say is history. My passion is to create portraits of Rock and Pop Stars. Starting with a small portrait of Leonard Cohen, I have progressed from single black prints to large sized portraits in multi colours. I will have samples of the cut Lino and my tools – happy to explain my methods on show will be my latest Torn Poster series, of Oasis, Bowie, Johnny Cash and Bob Marley For those who don’t like Rock Stars – I have a great collection of Flower, Hares, landscapes, local landmarks and even a few nudes. Also a selection of children’s characters printed on to pages from the books and yes Star Wars prints. Please call in for a chat.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 97 Town Street


Instagram: Jaggerprints

PJ Donnelly : Sculpture

I am a Horsforth based sculptor and work in a variety of different mediums including resin cast, mixed media and ceramic art. I have been developing various sculptures around the themes of social perceptions around mental health. I have expanded upon an interest in traditional figurative sculpture and developed forms in order to represent reflections on the theme of mental health, confidence and the many associated contradictions present with the human psyche. My work is generally based around the human form, however I often manipulate this image in order to serve modern themes, most prominently mental health and the complexity of the human condition.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 6 Regent Road


Facebook: @Titanicpete

Instagram: @Titanic_pete

Brent Sheldon : The Armley Artist

I am a Leeds based artist specialising in acrylic paintings and murals, my work is inspired by my passion for sport, film, music and landscapes. I’m open to commissions and have prints and cards of my work. Over the last year I was moved to raise some money for Rob Burrow following his diagnosis of MND so I decided to paint some artworks depicting iconic moments from his career at Leeds Rhinos and then auction them off via my Twitter page. As a lifelong Leeds fan I was really keen to try and do something to help Rob who is a hero of mine and I ended up painting 3 artworks which we managed to get signed and plenty of exposure and support across social media. We managed to raise £1737 for Rob’s official fundraising page from the sale of the 3 paintings which is fantastic!!! I will be selling prints from these 3 artworks at the Walk of Art and from each sale we will make a donation to the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Donations can be made to

A couple of other highlights recently – I was commissioned to paint a mural of Rob Burrow at New College Pontefract and he came out to see it with his family. I also recently painted a canvas of Rob and his children as a gift from me as he has supported my charity work and given up his time to see me – the response on social media to this has been unreal and the story of this artwork and the other 3 are to be featured in the YEP!

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Haus of Coffee on Station Road


Facebook: armleyartist

Twitter: armleyartist

Instagram: thearmleyartist

Richard Heald : Photography

I am a photographer from Horsforth and I take my camera everywhere I go, whether it be to the beach, to the city, to a gig … and take shots of what I like, rather than stick to a particular theme. I like to photograph subjects with bold colours and as a contrast love black and white photography. I have been taking photographs for around 19 years, balancing family life and a full time job alongside this can be challenging, but well worth it, as I really enjoy the whole process, from shooting the images, to editing and creating the end product, through to when my art is sold. I only use quality materials, my prints are printed at a professional lab on high quality 310gsm German etched textured paper. My cards are on Ultra white card and come with a brown craft envelope. I sell my cards, coasters and prints at The Old Kings Arms in Horsforth, Fabrication in Leeds City Centre, Castle Howard and Salts mill, as well as 17 other outlets in West Yorkshire – and on my website, where you can find the majority of my work.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? The Old Kings Arms, Town Street


Abby Warner : Me & My Guitar

I’m Abby Warner and I’m a 15 year old singer-songwriter from Horsforth. I’ve been doing music all my life and decided to start sharing my music on social media in 2019. In 2020, I started writing, recording and producing my own original music and I released my first single ‘Stay Young’ in May of 2020. I’m inspired by artists like Ed Sheeran in my performances so my music often takes an acoustic style.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Catch Abby over the weekend at 2 Drury Lane, 6 Lee Lane East and Morrisons

Facebook: Abby Warner Music

Instagram: itsabbywarner

Una : Graphic Novelist

Una is an artist and writer. Her new graphic novel Eve, a ‘chilling’ story about a family struggling to adapt to a changing world, was published on June 3rd with Virago Press. Una’s award winning graphic novel about her complicated early life, Becoming Unbecoming (2015) has been widely translated, featured on BBC Radio 4 Open Book, Woman’s Hour, in Newsweek and The New York Times and adapted into a play in Brazil. Other books are On Sanity: One Day In Two Lives (2017) about her mother’s psychotic illness, and Cree (2018), commissioned by New Writing North, about a group of women in County Durham. Una writes and draws in a peaceful garden shed in Leeds.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Newlaithes Manor


Avenue Ensemble : Classical Music in Contemporary Spaces

Leeds based classical music group performing in contemporary spaces Avenue Ensemble are a new classical music collective in the North of England focussing on bringing entertainment through classical music, film music and more to contemporary venues and locations in the area.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 11 Broadgate Crescent

Twitter: AvenueEnsemble

Instagram: avenue ensemble

Children’s Art at First Steps Nursery, Froebelian

Come and see what the children have created for this years Walk of Art!

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? First Steps Nursery at Froebilian, New Horsforth Road


Cragg Hill Blues Band

Cragg Hill Blues Band is a six piece band of local amateur musicians who came together through their involvement in the Horsforth Music Centre (HMC) and their love of Blues music. We play the type of blues music that was particularly popular in the 1960s and 70s and the inspiration for the formation of bands such as the Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Farmers Market at St Margarets Church (SATURDAY ONLY)

Facebook: CraggHillBlues

Children’s Art at Inspirations Nursery

Our child led provision allows children to be leaders of their own learning. We will be displaying some of their creative journeys and discoveries on the railings of our Nursery.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Inspirations nursery, West End junior and infants school


Cherubs Kindergarten

Come and see what the children have created for this years Walk of Art!

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Cherubs Kindergarten Childcare Chapel Cottage, 18 Cragg Hill


One More 2 Play : Balloons

Let’s fly away – Come and visit the shop to see Hot air balloon made of balloons.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? One toy 2 play – Town Street

Facebook: One-More-2-Play-165458428474734

Instagram: onemore2play

Penny Pinn : Spinning Wool

Demonstrate hand spinning on a wheel and a drop spindle. As well as my spinning wheel I will be displaying panels made by me and others as part of Stitches for Survival, a group of knitters, crocheters, stitchers and crafters from across the UK and beyond with a heart-felt plea to the COP26 climate talks to be held in Glasgow 1-12 November 2021. It is time to put the Earth – the basis for our very survival – and not money, centre stage at the talks. This is the time to take bold and binding action to stop the devastating climate havoc and ecological breakdown that is evident across the world. This last year has shown how radically our lives can change overnight when the political will is there and people take responsibility. It is time to act with the same urgency on the climate and ecological crisis!

We are knitting, crocheting, stitching and crafting 1.5 miles of climate messages for the negotiators to remind them of the urgent need to take bold action together on climate change, and the support they have in doing so. The length of the scarf represents the 1.5C target in the Paris Agreement. During the conference we will display the ‘scarf’ near the conference centre where the talks are taking place.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 45 Victoria Crescent

Sue Bowden and Lilla Tan

Art with found materials – hot air balloons and maybe some flying machines.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 53 Brownberrie Avenue

Made in the Middle Illustration – Creative writing competition with Marples Sweet shop

Made in the Middle Illustration: Creative writing collaboration with Marples sweet shop. Marples will exhibit the winning stories with their awarded artwork from Made in the Middle Illustrations, alongside a 3D window display showing the Marples shop being carried by a balloon, as seen on the competition posters.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Marples sweet shop, Town Street

Facebook: madeinthemiddleillustration

Instagram: madeinthemiddle_illustration

Adult Recorder Group

With 8-12 members, we play in 4 part harmony with music from Bach to the Beatles.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? The Grove Church on Town Street

Carole’s SilverLady

Handcrafted jewellery and paintings.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 12 Lickless Ave

Facebook: carole.machell.7

Collaboration of Friends : Mixed Media and Music

Were are a bunch of friends/neighbours trying to get creative with the Walk of Art being the catalyst!

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 22 Regent Road

Niamh and Emer Donnelly

Niamh is displaying her paintings which she has done since March 2020. The title is Noodle Portraits. Emer is going to sell her bags. She has just finished A level textiles. Handmade Bags by Emer.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 200 New Road Side

Created by Annie

Local, creative upcycler and maker of a range of sewing, quilting and felt creations. Loves to use homegrown produce to make lots of lovely jam and marmalades.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 86 Victoria Mount

Facebook: createdbyAnne

Cafe Yoga : Films and Yoga

Iain Denby – Bell Chapel film showing. There will be a short film of the old Bell church projected onto a screen on The Green. The video has been created by Iain Denby. Starting time tbc.

Deborah Grossman – Yoga Cafe Yoga will also be offering three free kids/family standing yoga sessions (no mat required) running for 15 minutes at 12 noon, 12.30 and 1pm in front of the tables and chairs on The Green outside Cafe Yoga on Saturday 3rd July only.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? Cafe Yoga, The Green (SATURDAY ONLY)


Facebook: CafeYogaHorsforth

Iain Denby : Bell Chapel – Visions of its former glory

Horsforth has been my home since 1996. Since completing a furniture and interior design course at Leeds College of art in 1979, Ive enjoyed a fabulous career in design and illustration. I’ve specialised as an architectural illustrator for the past 30 years – creating artist’s impressions of proposed buildings and developments. During lockdown I combined my skills as an illustrator and musician with my interest in Horsforth history to produce a personal video project called ‘The Bell Chapel : Visions of its former glory’. This uses CGI to visually reconstruct this building, using old photos for reference and gives a glimpse into life around The Green, Horsforth in the 1880s. To see more of my architectural illustrations visit

Where can you can find me on the Walk of Art? The Green, bottom of Town Street


Alexandra Francis : Paint as Sculpture

I am an interdisciplinary artist though tend to focus on the creation of sculptures and paintings. For the last four years I have been experimenting with a paint called 3D pearl effect and have become fond of using this as part of the sculptures and paintings that I have created. I tend to generate colourful and eye catching artwork that is not only thought provoking but also incorporates natural patterns, layers and formations, which is a result of my fascination of the natural world.

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 2 Drury Lane


Facebook: Alexandra Francis Art

Twitter: AFrancisArtist

Instagram: colourcatcher.cre / Alexandra Francis Art

Hannah Barker, Odin Coleman, Aloe Corry & JM : Drawings, Prints, and Words

This show features the work of four creatives, friends, and lovers based in the UK and USA. Displaying the work in glass frames suspended from the trees was a conceptual choice to make the images and words look as if they were floating. This was an idea in reaction to this year’s Walk of Art theme, Up in the Air. The work was chosen and made in response to the context in which it would be seen, the garden.

Hannah Barker is an artist based in Horsforth, Leeds. She is a Master of Fine Art graduate of Northumbria University and Baltic Contemporary Centre of Art and currently teaches art to adult learners in Huddersfield. Drawing from observation is an integral part of her practice and people, be it friends, family, or strangers in the street, are often the focus of her work. Many of the drawings on display were produced in online drawing sessions with a group called Draw Brighton, which she attended through lockdown, and within the time constraints of around 8 – 10 minutes per person. Hannah also works with print and collage and uses the flatbed scanner to recompose found fragments of text and image. She is interested in the process of taking pre-existing materials and reusing them to produce new meanings and insights. Her work plays with ideas of voice and authorship and is influenced by the art and poetry of the 1920’s Dada movement, the copy art revolution of the 1960’s, and artists such as Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, and Jonathan Safran Foer. Instagram @hannah.franciska.barker

Odin Coleman is an artist and musician based near Seattle, WA. The Art of Loving You (Cartons Full of Nuts) is a love song which muses on memories of bicycles and trail mix, flowers and bruises, oceans and countries, sung to the tune of a global pandemic. More of his work can be found through his Instagram @odinscottcoleman.

Words from the artist and poet JM, who has a MA in Poetry and Creative Writing from Newcastle University, is also on display and more of their work can be found through their Instagram @gotohell_jm & @jmtakesamultivitamin.

Last but not least, Aloe Corry, who is an artist working in Salt Lake City, Utah. She obtained her BFA from Brigham Young University in 2016 and an MFA from Northumbria University’s BxNU Institute in 2019. Her work explores narrative, the body, repetition, and documentation. Each artwork becomes a zone in which objects and events may be related temporally, topically, or by nothing but proximity. More of her work can be found through her Instagram @aloecorryart. Website:

Where can you find me on the Walk of Art? 6 Lee Lane East