Schools Information

Are you a school in Horsforth and want to get involved in the Walk of Art 2021?  Here are some frequently asked questions which may help you.


How is Covid 19 effecting the Walk of Art 2021 – assumptions?

  • For this year we are having to work towards a set of assumptions. Firstly, that small crowds are now able to gather by June 21 but a set of social distancing rules are still in place.  E.g. 2 metres away from each other, face masks are required in doors only.
  • We will continue to work to these assumptions and with the information that we currently know from the government roadmap until further announcements are made.

How can schools get involved in the artist visits and High Street Galleries?

  • Our school liaison will be getting in touch with you about an opportunity to work with an artist (virtually).
  • We will be providing you with a list of artists video workshops which you chose and then follow to produce a piece of art which will feature in our High Street Gallery.

What materials will we need?

  • This is dependent on what art is being produced.  Each video will come with a list of required materials.
  • If the material is not something your school usually keeps then the artist (or yourself) can contact the Walk of Art through our school liaison or email: to request help with the materials.

What else would the artist need?

  • The artist will have given their time freely, so we would love to feature them on the window as part of the high street gallery.  We need to support our local artists is any way we can after such a difficult year.

Who will collect the artwork?

  • We have a team of volunteers who will pop in to collect the artwork nearer the Walk of Art weekend. Usually on the Wednesday before.  We will contact you to arrange.

How will I get my art work back?

  • Once again our volunteers will collect and return to you.

When will the work be displayed?

  • The work will be displayed across the weekend of the 3rd  and 4th July 2021. These are the dates of the Horsforth Walk of Art.

How will we know where our art is?

  • We will let you know where your art is in advance of the weekend but since we are still putting artwork up on the Friday before the festival, locations may change.
  • All information will be on our website.

Can we have a wooden theme to decorate again like previous years

  • Absolutely!  Again our volunteer will be in touch with you to organise how many you would like.  This year they will be hot air balloons in support of our 2021 theme ‘Up in the Air’.

When will we receive them?

  • We will give you plenty of time to work on them so they should be with you early May 2021.

Will you put them up for me?

  • As we are only a very small team of volunteers it would be great if you could organise for your caretaker (or someone else) to put the creatures up on your gates.  We will of course provide any cable ties you may need.
  • If you cannot put them up then please contact us and we will organise for you.

Who will take them down?

  • Every year we try to collect the wooden creatures to put up around the cricket club fence in Hall Park, so if you would like this to happen then we will happily come and collect and put them up for you.
  • Alternatively if you do not wish for this to happen then you are more than welcome to keep the creatures or dispose of safely.

Why did this not happen in 2019?

  • As the theme was ‘under the sea’ each school, very rightly, chose plastic pollution as its main decoration for the wooden whales.  As such, there were many pieces of plastic that were not properly secured and we could not run the risk of littering the Park.
  • We are however recycling the larger whales to make small signs for this year.

We are thinking of putting on a summer fair that weekend is that ok?

  • Sadly 2019 it became a bit of a distraction and the walk of art suffered as a few schools decided to coincide their summer fair. We would very kindly ask you to reconsider the dates for your summer fair as we are one big community and all wish the success of the WoA.