How to get to Horsforth

There are many ways to get to Horsforth if you are visiting from other areas.

Car – There are many places to park across Horsforth that are free e.g. Fink Hill, Town street, New road side

Train – There is a train station at Horsforth. Plan your journey through

Bus – There are many bus routes that take you to Horsforth, why not try or 

Planning your time at the Horsforth Walk of Art

Whether you’re a longtime visitor or this is your first experience of the festival, we are here to help you make the most of your time.

The 2021 Horsforth walk of art festival is on the 3rd and 4th July from 11am to 5pm both days.

Choosing where to visit

We have many artists, so to help you out, we’ve created several different ways to choose ahead of time – leaving you free to soak in the atmosphere once you arrive and to know exactly where you are going.

Download the App

Coming soon for 2021!!!

Plan online

For 2021 we have created a comprehensive google map.

Click here for access to the Google map

The map is fully interactive with 4 layers to choose from:

2021 Venues – showing you which artists are at each venue and examples of their work.  It also specifies is a venue is wheel chair friendly, has any refreshments or is an open garden.

Hot Air Balloons – schools and other local groups have designed and decorated Hot Air balloons which are floating across Horsforth.  Why not visit some of them?

Soundscape Trail – There are QR codes for you to find with sounds and music associated with Horsforth.

High Street Gallery and Public Art – Schools across Horsforth will be displaying their art in local businesses on either Town Street or New Road Side.  There are also markers to show existing Public art across Horsforth for you to discover.

We have created a short ‘How to’ video here for the Google map to help you understand how to navigate it.

Why not then print out our map and start writing in where you want to visit?

Click here for access to the printable map

If you cannot gain access to the Google map, then please use our ‘Participating artists’ page on the website and the search function to find artists you would like to visit.

Walk of Art physical map

Sadly we have made the decision this year not to provide a physical map to hand out due to covid restrictions and our focus on keeping the community safe.

We have provided a downloadable and printable empty map so you can start planning your own routes.