Horsforth Walk of Art 3rd-4th July 2021

Walk of Art 2021

We’re Back and we need you!

Well the last year has just been hard hasn’t it?

We have missed the community coming together to celebrate and share art and so welcome you all back to the Horsforth Walk of Art in 2021, albeit a little bit different to previous years to keep the safety of Horsforth and its residents at the heart of all our decisions.

What is the Walk of Art?

The Horsforth Walk of Art is a free, community led, family friendly, diverse and inclusive, creative festival that engages the entire community. We aim to showcase creativity by local and almost local artists and performers in everyday and unusual spaces. It engages and inspires the community to make creativity, in all its forms, accessible and engaging.

2019 saw over 120 artists displaying and performing numerous art forms in 83 venues split across 3 different routes around the popular Leeds suburb.  High street shops, churches, woodlands, the park, garages, houses, sheds and caravans.  There are no spaces we wouldn’t consider.

2020 saw the event move on line with artists gallery, musical festival weekend and Art being displayed in windows across Horsforth in a very ‘hands off’ nod to a usually very hands on event.

When is the Walk of Art 2021 happening?

The 2021 Walk of Art takes place across the weekend of the 3rd and 4th July from 11am to 5pm each day.

This year will see the return of many favourite artists, venues and events such as the creature hide and seek and the High Street Galleries for which the volunteers were shortlisted for a Child Friendly Leeds Award 2020 for their work within all the local schools.

Yeah but what is different this year?

We are encouraging all artists and venues to exhibit only in outdoor spaces this year

We are not expecting artists and venues to provide a hands on activity but it would be lovely if an artist could demonstrate their artform

There will not be routes this year but a comprehensive list of artists and locations so you can plan ahead

We will be providing everyone with access to the locations on a google map

There will not be any timed events as we do not wish to promote gatherings

We will help to provide any printable templates for venues to comply with health and safety and any government decisions

2021 Theme

Each year we provide a theme so artists, residents, businesses and vnuues can immerse themselves in the spirit of the festival.  This is completely optional but has proved very popular in the past.

The theme for 2021 is…

Up in the Air!!!!

How do I apply?

The application period for the Walk of Art 2021 has now closed!

Thank you to everyone who is participating this year.

For more information click on the Q&A tab in the WOA 2021 menu. There is also a tab on Visitor Information, the map and our Participating Artists for WOA 2021!